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Connect your Accounting Software and your other business applications to keep data aligned between front-end and back-end systems. Automatically sync your payroll expenses with popular accounting software platforms. Spend less time manually entering payroll and accounting data and more time taking care of your business and your team.



  • Friction less application integration
  • Eliminate manual integration processes & manual data entry
  • Reduce custom coding and leverage APIs
  • Verify and transform your data
  • Connect application data-flows
  • Sync financial data to your back-end systems


The integration can trigger bi-directional actions based on over 150 Triggers Data Points which for example are:

  • New Order
  • New Customer
  • New Shipment
  • New Product
  • Over 150 other triggers


The Integration can trigger over 50 Actions in your Software which for example can be:

  • Create Invoice
  • Create Customer
  • Update Customer
  • Store Invoice
  • Update Inventory
  • Send Invoice to Customer

2 Way Data Sync

The Integration comes with a over 150 Data Points as standard and has the possibility to map 300 additional datapoints that enables you to get the integration customized to your business needs.

Management UI

Managing your integration can happen in different locations depending on your needs:

  • Manage everything from a Central Interface with all your integrations.
  • Manage everything in your Shop System/ERP Backend
  • Manage everything in your Accounting System UI

Store UI

The Integration allows to position relevant accounting information on your Store like the:

  • Check-Out Integration
  • Product Page Integration
  • JAVA Script Integration

How the Freshbook to Magento Extension Works?

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Benefits of integrating your Accounting Software

• Integrate your accounting software to make sure your books are well-organized and accurate preventing accounting mistakes that can lead to poor business decisions and tax issues.

• Map compensation, benefits, and tax amounts to the right records in your accounting system. This means each time you run payroll; a journal entry is created in your accounting software automatically without any extra work.

• No more manual entry when you integrate your accounting software, as you’ll get automatic syncing between your commerce systems. As your business grows, your systems will scale.

• Make fewer mistakes: Forget about double data entries and transposition errors. Integrations can reduce the potential for mistakes on your payroll and business taxes.

• Access real-time data: Integrating your payroll and accounting software gives you access to accurate, real-time data. When you have the best information and trends at your fingertips, you can make smarter, more informed plans for the future.

• Combine all of the capabilities of expensive and robust accounting systems with the ability to track accounting transactions, manage sales reps and process orders from anywhere in the field for a fraction of the cost.

• Get a better overall picture of your company’s financial position through bank and credit card transactions that download automatically.

• Shorten your “order-to-cash” processes, manage all aspects of sales orders and customer service transactions.

• Stay on top of your multi-channel online sales. Control inventory, orders and sales across all the stores in one integrated dashboard. Avoid product outages and lost sales by tracking your inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries from anywhere, anytime.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Yes, the Integration support two-way syncing to for example enable an invoice to be synced back into the Shop System after it was created in the Accounting System.

Our Integrations enable access to all the Data Fields of the 2 Systems that are available through API or Extension. As a standard over 150 Data Fields are included and you can order customization of anything above that.

No. The Integration uses the API and Extension of the Shop System and Accounting Software, so all you need to do is install or Authorize them on each system.









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